Partner Safety Services

Keep Your Rates Down and Your Trucks Running.

Marquee Insurance Group has teamed up with CDL 360 to provide a full spectrum of safety, compliance, and audit services to it's clients.

Motor carriers receive special discounted rates offered exclusively through Marquee Insurance Group.  Protect your fleet and your good name by staying compliant and safe.  

Partner Services Details

Safety & Compliance

Every motor carrier needs a safety director and someone to manage compliance. CDL 360 offers fully outsourced programs tailored to your needs.

  • CDL Manager - Full Safety Department to keep you compliant and safe
  • CSA Watch - 24/7 CSA monitoring, driver training, DataQ's and more
  • Log Audit Training - Get your drivers and your staff properly trained

Audit Services & Rating Upgrades

Whether you are facing an audit or just went through one, CDL 360 has you covered. Every carrier should be conscious of their audit risk and be proactive.

  • Safety Rating Upgrade - CDL360 will write you a safety management plan guaranteed to upgrade your rating.
  • DOT Audit Protection - $29.95/mo per company. If notified of an audit, members receive an expert by their side pre, during and post audit.
  • Pre-Audit Prep - CDL 360 will make sure you have the tools and preparation to succeed in your upcoming audit.
  • On-site/Off-site or Mock Audit Support - Our expert audit team will assist you by being on or off-site during your DOT audit. We can also conduct a mock DOT audit to ensure you are fully prepared in the event you have one.

Compliance Software

CSA 360, offered through CDL 360 partner company Apex Carrier Technologies, is a proprietary compliance software guaranteed to fill all your fleet's demands.

  • Driver Files
  • Pre-employment verification
  • Vehicle tracking and PM schedule
  • CSA score monitoring
  • Driver Training
  • Driver on-boarding & documentation
  • Driver notes
  • Inspections
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Much more.. .

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